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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Onslaught Sniper: New Ability, Set Bonuses & Tactical

Swtor Onslaught Sniper: New Ability, Set Bonuses & Tactical

Time: 10/16/19

The upcoming Swtor 6.0 Onslaught released in October 2019 will introduce some changes for each class, including new abilities, Set Bonuses and Tactical. Here you could learn changes to Swtor Sniper in the new expansion.

Swtor Sniper new ability: Holo-Locate

Holo-Locate is a new ability of Sniper in Swtor Onslaught. Activating Holo-Locate marks your current location for 10 minutes. When this ability is activated again, you instantly return to the marked location if you are within 60 meters of the marked location. It goes on cooldown for 120s when used to return to the marked location.

Sniper Set Bonus & Tactical in Swtor 6.0

There are some Set Bonuses and Tactical items for Sniper alongside the new ability. Set Bonuses are extra effects you can get for equipping a certain armor set. Tacticals come in the form of a new gear type; they augment how an ability will function.
Here you could learn how a Set Bonus and Tactical can alter the gameplay of Swtor Sniper Marksmanship, Sniper Engineering, and Sniper Virulence in Swtor Onslaught:
1. Sniper Marksmanship
-Set Bonus: “Repositioned”
(2 Piece Bonus) +2% Alacrity
(4 Piece Bonus) Reduces the cooldown of Cover Pulse by 5s.
(6 Piece Bonus) Evasion finishes the cooldown of Covered Escape and increases you and your allies’ movement speed by 50% for 6s.
-Tactical: “B-0 Differential Targeting System”
Activating Covered Escape or returning to your marker with Holo-Locate makes your next Ambush activate instantly and deal 20%+ damage.

2. Sniper Engineering
-Set Bonus: “Precise Target”
(2 Piece Bonus) +2% Critical Rating
(4 Piece Bonus) Reduces the cooldown of Target Acquired by 15s, and activating Target Acquired restores 15 energy.
(6 Piece Bonus) Laze Targets gets 3 charges and its cooldown is reduced by 15s.
-Tactical: “T0-R0 Ionic Discharge”
Explosive Probe now only triggers from EMP Discharge and deals 50%+ damage.

3. Sniper Virulence
-Set Bonus: “Established Foothold”
(2 Piece Bonus) +2% Mastery
(4 Piece Bonus) The cooldown of Entrench is reduced by 10s.
(6 Piece Bonus) While Entrenched, you build stacks of Entrenched Offense, increasing damage by 1% per stack while you remain Entrenched. Breaking cover or Entrench being removed removes Entrenched Offense.
-Tactical: “Ultraviolet Blast”
Weakening Blast finishes off all your poison effects at once, dealing all their remaining damage. Its cooldown is increased by 6s.

What are you looking forward the most with Swtor 6.0? If you want to buy Swtor credits, come to our site at any time to get some fast.

The Swtor2credits Team

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