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Home / Swtor2credits news / Swtor Paxton Rall – Brand New Companion for Active Subscribers

Swtor Paxton Rall – Brand New Companion for Active Subscribers

Time: 11/21/18

BioWare has announced that a brand new player companion, named Paxton Rall, will be available as a part of the Swtor subscriber promotion in December. If you are active subscriber, you will be able to play with Swtor Paxton Rall in game later.

Swtor Paxton Rall: new pirate companion

It is confirmed that a special Swtor subscriber promotion will come in December, and with this promotion there will be a new player companion – Paxton Rall.
Swtor Paxton Rall
Swtor Paxton Rall is the most notorious pirate to rise to fame since the invasion of the Eternal Empire. He scours the stars in an endless hunt for adventure and profit, making him a formidable ally in your Alliance. Currently BioWare has announced that this brand-new character will be added in game as a player companion, which is the reward of subscriber promotion in December.

How to activate new Swtor Paxton Rall?

We have learnt something about how to recruit Paxton Rall in the upcoming Swtor subscriber promotion. If you are an active Subscriber to Star Wars: The Old Republic on Saturday December 15th at 7:59AM GMT, you will be able to receive a special token by Friday, December 21st, 7:59AM. This special token will be delivered via in-game email.
You can activate Paxton Rall with this special token if you receive it, and then you are able to play with him as an active companion to any of your current characters. He will be recruit-able via an Alert later on as well.

We will update our news if there is more information on Swtor Paxton Rall and the subscriber promotion. Moreover, you will find cheap Swtor credits for sale anytime when you want to get some.

The Swtor2credits Team

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