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Swtor PvP Ranked Season 12 Starting with Changes & Adjustments

Time: 12/16/19

With the beginning of Swtor PvP season 12, some changes and adjustments have been made to this new season. Here you could learn the details of these changes.

Changes to Swtor PvP Ranked Season 12

The PvP season 12 has started with Swtor 6.0.2 in December 2019. Here you could learn some changes made to Swtor PvP season 12:
1. Adjustments have been made to matchmaking, which previously allowed a single tank or healer in the Ranked queue to be able to lock up the queue from making any future Ranked PvP matches.
2. You are unable to queue again for 15 minutes if you decline a queue pop or leave a match early for a Ranked Warzone.
3. The Rating penalty received for declining a Ranked PvP queue or leaving a match early to 25 rating is increased (up from 15 rating).
4. In addition to minimum rating requirements, each Ranked PvP Rank has a minimum games played requirement:
Bronze – 25 wins
Silver – 50 wins
Gold – 100 wins
Top 96 – 200 wins

Actions against Ranked PvP cheating players

Starting with Swtor PvP Season 12, the develop team will also have the ability to remove cheating players from the Ranked PvP environment altogether. In addition to all previous actions, if an account is caught win trading, cheating, or exploiting in PvP, they will be removed from and unable to queue, join, or play ranked PvP for the rest of the season. If an account continues to be disruptive and problematic in other areas of the game, BioWare absolutely reserve the right to permanently ban those accounts and they will do so if they feel it is warranted.

Are you satisfied with these changes to Swtor PvP Ranked Season? If you want cheap Swtor credits, come to our site at any time and enjoy the fast delivery.

The Swtor2credits Team

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