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Swtor Tullek the Evocii Vendor Coming with Ranked PvP Season 11

Time: 02/06/19

As Swtor Ranked PvP Season 10 will end with the update 5.10.1, the Season 11 is going to start later with some new features, including a new vendor called Swtor Tullek the Evocii who sells the prior seasonal rewards.

Swtor PvP Season 10 ends with Update 5.10.1

The Ranked PvP Season 10 is set to end with the release of Swtor 5.10.1. Don’t forget to redeem all Season 9 tokens as they will be converted into Swtor credits when Season 10 ends.
In Season 10, the cross-faction play becomes a part of Ranked PvP for the first time. There have been some changes to breakdown rating tiers:
1. Each tier has different rating requirements for Solo and Group play.
2. Rating requirements across the board have been lowered.
3. the number of Ranked Tokens earned in each tier is lowered.

New features in Swtor Ranked PvP Season 11

Swtor PvP Season 11 begins two weeks after Season 10 ends. During the two weeks any remaining player reports of cheating will be investigated, and appropriate action will be taken when such cases are found.
At the start of Swtor Ranked PvP Season 11, a new vendor called Tullek the Evocii will be appearing next to Giradda the Hutt. Swtor Tullek will always sell the prior seasonal rewards which will not be taken away. You can head to Swtor Giradda the Hutt if you want new seasonal rewards.

We will update the news when there is more information on Swtor PvP ranked new season. If you want cheap Swtor credits, simply come to our site and easily get some.

The Swtor2credits Team

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