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Swtor Unassembled Components Bug & Changes with Patch 5.6

Time: 11/29/17

With Swtor patch 5.6 released, Swtor Unassembled Components are no longer found in the currency tab, but in players’ inventory. Swtor has explained the issue that Unassembled Components are still displaying in the currency tab is a bug, and you can see other changes with Swtor update 5.6 below.

Unassembled Components bug with Swtor patch 5.6

After the release of Swtor update 5.6, the currency tab will show that you have 0 Unassembled Components if you had Unassembled Components prior to Swtor 5.6. The Swtor 5.6 patch notes show that Swtor Unassembled Components become a stackable, bind on legacy item in players’ inventory, not in the currency tab. But it is a bug that they are still displaying in the currency tab at all, and Swtor has said that it will be removed in the future.
In short, you can find the Unassembled Components in your inventory. If your inventory was full, check your mailbox.

Other changes on Swtor Unassembled Components in patch 5.6

In Swtor 5.6 patch notes we can see some changes on Unassembled Components:
1. Daily Rewards: For each PvE group activity there is a significant bonus to experience, credits, command experience and unassembled components. To be eligible for this reward you must queue for all available content.
2. Operations: The Unassembled Components earned for killing Operation bosses has been increased.
3. Improved Disintegration – Disintegrating any item that contains stats in the Command Stash will now result in gaining Unassembled Components instead of Command Experience (CXP).
4. The cost of all items on the Unassembled Component (UC) vendor has been increased. The number of Unassembled Components that each player currently possesses has been increased by the same ratio as the cost increase.
5. The Unassembled Components earned for completing Warzones has been increased.

Enjoy the changes & updates with Swtor patch 5.6. On Swtor2credits there are adequate Swtor credits for sale in stock, so come here to purchase if you need some!

The Swtor2credits Team

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