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Swtor Update 5.9a Coming on May 10 & Cartel Market Changes

Time: 05/09/18

Swtor is taking the servers offline on Thursday in order to apply Game Update 5.9a, and during this time all the servers are unavailable. The Cartel Market is also updated with new item MSM J-37 Jetpack and more. See the changes and maintenance details for Swtor 5.9a below.

Swtor 5.9a maintenance with servers offline

There will be maintenance tomorrow in order to apply Swtor 5.9a. Servers will be offline during this period, and the website will also be unavailable. Here are details of the maintenance:
Date: 10 May 2018
Time: 8:00AM - 11:00AM CT (1400 - 1700 GMT)
Version: Swtor 5.9a
This maintenance may deal with the issue of Swtor Cantina Crawl achievement. This new hidden achievement added in game with update 5.9 seems to be a precursor for recruiting Paxton Rall as a companion, meant to be released later this year. The Cantina Crawl achievement and Paxton will be pulled out from the game with a patch until the whole set is ready and released as planned. Detailed Swtor 5.9a patch notes will be released later.

Swtor Cartel Market changes from May 7

MSM J-37 Jetpack
Besides promotions, here are new items available in Swtor Cartel Market now:
MSM J-37 Jetpack — 1700 CC
Hutt Cantina Skiff — 1275 CC
Orbital Kolto Strike — 215 CC
Bold Hellion”s Armor Set — 1224 CC
Renowned Duelist Armor Set — 850 CC
Exiled Revolutionary”s Armor Set — 1152 CC
If you could not defeat Izax during the special event to earn the Wings of the Dragon, MSM J-37 Jetpack may be a good choice for you. And Orbital Kolto Strike is a new animated HP restoration module.

What is available in Swtor Cartel Market will change the next time, so seize the chance for items with discount that you want. Moreover, always come to Swtor2credits to buy Swtor credit easily & fast!

The Swtor2credits Team

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