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Home / Swtor2credits news / Updated Plan for Swtor PvP Replica Rewards in Update 6.1.3

Updated Plan for Swtor PvP Replica Rewards in Update 6.1.3

Time: 09/04/20

Some information on the timing around Swtor PvP Replica rewards has been updated. Here you could learnt the latest information on the rewards.

Updated Swtor PvP Replica rewards

There are some replica rewards throughout the course of Swtor PvP Season 13 and Season 14, with the longer term goal being returning to exclusive, new rewards after Swtor PvP Ranked Season 14. According to the dev blog, the develop team has identified some additional Replica rewards they would like to add to the vendors. Here is the updated and expanded reward plan:
1. Available starting in Swtor 6.1.3 (Targeting September 9):
Predacious Weapon Set (Season 6) - 50,000 pvp tokens
Commanding Weapon Set (Season 8) - 50,000 pvp tokens
Baron Deathmark's Predacious Wrangler mount (Season 6) - 200,000 pvp tokens
2. Available starting in Swtor 6.2 (Targeting early December):
Gladiator Weapon Set (Season 5) - 50,000 pvp tokens
Giradda's Acklay mount (Season 7) - 200,000 pvp tokens
Baron Deathmark's Swashbuckling Cutter mount (Season 4) - 200,000 pvp tokens
Gladitorial Nexu mount (Season 5) - 200,000 pvp tokens
3. Available in a future Game Update (but well before the end of Swtor PvP Season 14):
Furious Armor Sets (Season 3 - there are four sets) - 100,000 pvp tokens each
Furious Weapon Set (Season 3) - 50,000 pvp tokens
Baron Deathmark's Furious Walker mount (Season 3) - 200,000 pvp tokens
Ember Makrin mount (Season 8) - 200,000 pvp tokens

Plan for Swtor Replica Color Crystals

In addition, the team has heard players’ feedback around bringing back Swtor Replica Color Crystals, and they are working on a plan for those. Both pricing and timing TBD, but the team will likely make some available beginning in Swtor 6.2.

We will update our news if there is more information on Swtor PvP Ranked Season 13. If you want cheap Swtor credits, simply come to our site and enjoy the convenience.

The Swtor2credits Team

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