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Home / Swtor2credits news / What Will You Enjoy with Upcoming Swtor 5.9.3 this Sep?

What Will You Enjoy with Upcoming Swtor 5.9.3 this Sep?

Time: 09/17/18

Planned to release in late September, Swtor 5.9.3 will bring in the new Huttball map in planet Vandin – Sky Shredder and other contents. And according to the official post on the community, some bugs will also be fixed with this update.

New Sky Shredder Huttball map in Swtor 5.9.3

The most attractive content coming with Swtor 5.9.3 is the new Huttball PvP map in Vandin, which is called the Sky Shredder. This Sky Shredder map pits two cross-faction teams of eight, the Frog-Dogs and Rotworms. You and your team need to grab the ball, throw the ball and work together to take it over the opposing team’s line to score points.
However, there will be some difficulties in the map, making your fight not so easy. Watch out for three types of traps: acid fire, electric shock traps and poison gas, and the “edge” on the two non goal post ends to avoid falling off. Know more in our Swtor Sky Shredder preview if you have interests.

Some changes & bug fixes with Swtor 5.9.3

Some of the bugs found by some players will be fixed in update 5.9.3:
1. Swtor Rooftop Garden cannot be accessed. It looks like something in 5.9.2a has broken the Garden for those of players who used the extra hooks.
2. Companions are no longer dismissed in the open-pvp zone. This issue happens no matter whether on a PVP or PVE instance, although it was still working in the last gree-event.

We can enjoy all these contents when Swtor 5.9.3 releases this month. Moreover, come here and use 8% off code “SCA8” to buy cheap Swtor credits until Sep 24!

The Swtor2credits Team

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