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Where to Buy Cheap Swtor Credits with Fast Delivery to Enjoy Updated Sentinel?

Time: 11/19/14

Never heard of so many changes collapsing to swtor sentinel before, but you are too luck to see them at this exceptional movement. We are going to review these changes in case of any circumstance that will happen to you.

All type Sentinels in swtor will be featured by changes below

1. Sentinels no longer have access to the Riposte ability.

2. Crippling Throw has been removed from the game.

3. Focused Slash: Slash, Cyclone Slash, Dispatch, Blade Rush, Merciless Slash, and Concentrated Slice refund 1 focus when used. In addition, Zealous Strike beats down its target for 45 seconds. Beat Down targets take 5% more damage from melee attacks.

4. Valor: Increases the amount of Centering built by 2 when activating abilities that consume focus, and reduces the cooldown of Valorous Call by 30 seconds.

5. Cauterize has moved into the Watchman discipline.

swtor updated sentinel
Three types of Sentinels in swtor have extra passive abilities

Watchman Sentinels

1. Watchman Sentinels are gaining a new passive skill that makes their Juyo Form and Merciless stacks build up twice as fast.

2. Another skill allows them to spread some of their burning effects to targets.

3. Force Melt: Calls on the power of the Force to melt the target, causing it to burn for elemental damage over 15 seconds.

4. Cauterize no longer has a cooldown, players will need to be able to successfully juggle three different burns, each of which has a unique duration, keeping Merciless Slash on cooldown to maximize their damage output.

Combat Sentinels

1. Combat Sentinels gain a new passive ability that reduces the focus consumed by Blade Rush and Cyclone Slash by 1 each, during Zen.

2. Another one can automatically trigger an Ataru Form attack on all targets damaged by Cyclone Slash.

3. Clashing Blast: Unleashes a powerful blast of Force energy at the target, dealing energy damage.

4. Precision Slash now deals much more damage and increases armor penetration for 6 seconds.

Concentration Sentinels

1. Focused Burst: Blasts the enemy target with a powerful burst of Force energy, dealing kinetic damage.

2. Concentrated Slice: Slices the target for significant weapon damage. Attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.

Practice makes perfect. You will be unchallengeable in swtor after fully control these intelligence about updated Sentinel. In case that you are fed up with so many changes, come to buy some cheap swtor credits at swtor2credits with fast delivery to outfit yourself. As always, we offer best service and do everything possible to get your order complete as soon as possible.

The Swtor2credits Team

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