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Home / Swtor2credits news / White Color Crystal & K1-Z3n in Swtor Cartel Market Sep 12

White Color Crystal & K1-Z3n in Swtor Cartel Market Sep 12

Time: 09/13/17

There are changes and new item in Swtor Cartel Market from September 12 to Sep 19, including new items white color crystal and K1-Z3n Assault Droid. Players need to use Cartel Coins to purchase, and you can learn how to get more Cartel Coins from our previous news.

What are the changes in Swtor Cartel Market Sep 12?

New Items
Droid Companion: K1 Z3n — 2100 CC
Advanced White Hawkeye Crystal — 1800 CC
Advanced White War Hero’s Crystal — 1800 CC
Advanced White Indestructible Crystal — 1800 CC
Advanced White Eviscerating Crystal — 1800 CC

No Longer on Sale
Appearance Option: Pigtails — 100 CC
Woodland Mewvorr — 240 CC
Precious Cargo Pack — 300 CC
Hypercrate: Precious Cargo Packs — 7020 CC

Limited time for white color crystal & K1-Z3n Assault Droid

Swtor white color crystal:
The white color crystal is now 1,800 Cartel Coins from Tuesday, September 12 to Saturday, September 16 at 5AM PDT. On weekend from Saturday, September 16 at 5AM PDT to Tuesday, September 19, the price will change to 2,200 Cartel Coins.
It can be added to a player’s modifiable weapon and be used to change the color of your weapon. Advanced White Hawkeye Crystal can +41 Power, while White War Hero’s Crystal +41 Expertise, White Indestructible Crystal +41 Endurance and White Eviscerating Crystal +41 Crit.

Swtor K1-Z3n Assault Droid:
You have only one week to purchase by 2,100 Cartel Coins: Tuesday, September 12 - Tuesday, September 19.
Alliance forces found and repaired the former Iokath Assault Droid, K1-Z3N. Equipped with advanced protocols to aid its master and dispatch its foes, this unit has been restored to peak condition.

Don’t miss the limited time to buy Swtor white color crystal and K1-Z3n Assault Droid if you want. In addition, Swtor2credits will always be there for our players to Swtor buy credits, and you could enjoy the best shopping experience here!

The Swtor2credits Team

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