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Home / Swtor2credits news / Workaround for Swtor Mac Launcher Certificates Failure Error

Workaround for Swtor Mac Launcher Certificates Failure Error

Time: 08/03/17

Now it is known issue that new Launcher Certificate doesn’t work on some Windows Vista and XP PCs. Now Bioware are investigating possible solutions for this issue. Here is a stop-gap solution for players getting the "Certificate authentication failed" error. 

How to get Swtor Mac Launcher Certificates? 

Recently, a workaround has been spread in Reddit to help out players who get Swtor Mac Certificate authentication failed. Players need to go back to the previous launcher and prevent the launcher from updating to the current version. The steps are as below:
1. Edit the "launcher.settings" file in your SWTOR folder, add: , "skip_self_patch": true
2. Download the old launcher here and extract all files into your SWTOR directory.
Or, players can also use the old Launcher Repair Utility to restore the launcher to the previous version. But it is necessary to backup the launcher.settings file beforehand because that tool will reset it. 
If you are using Mac to run it, you can open the PlayOnMac App, then right click on your installation of SWTOR, choose "open the application's directory" to drop the the launcher repair executable there and run it. 

Something needs to be kept in mind 

This is just a stop-gap solution. Once the certificates expire in October 2017, the old launcher will no longer work. 
Besides, before that, there will likely be a patch that renews the certificate on the swtor.exe process, and then players will get the same error message when trying to start the game. If there is, kill it in Task Manager. 

Currently, Bioware is working on a more permanent solution to this issue. Once the launcher is fixed, you can just delete the "skip_self_patch" line and the launcher should automatically update to the current version the next time you run it. 

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The Swtor2credits Team

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